Friday, September 29, 2017

Now you can't say 'MUM' at work: Politically correct activists warn employers referring to 'sexist' gender roles could offend staff

In Australia and Britain, people say "Mum" istead of "Mom"

Politically-correct activists are charging workplaces $1,800 an hour to teach employees about apparently harmful and sexist words - like 'mum'.

Former army chief David Morrison appears in a Diversity Council of Australia video where he confronts a memo next to dirty dishes in a work kitchen with a younger, female colleague.

'Clean up after yourself. Your mum doesn't work here,' it says.

With a stern expression, the retired lieutenant-general and 2016 Australian of the Year pulls out a highlighter and adds the word 'dad' to the poster.

The Diversity Council of Australia, which Mr Morrison chairs, charges workplaces $3,600 for two-hour sessions on 'inclusive leadership'.

Former Labor leader Mark Latham slammed the whole idea of workplaces paying to be lectured on politically-correct language. 'That's so pathetic it's laughable,' he said on his weekly Mark Latham's Outsiders program on Wednesday.

'Imagine being a corporation with so much money you can afford thousands of dollars to send your staff to learn about dirty coffee cups and a sign, "It's all wrong, it's all terrible, it's the end of the world".

'Your biggest corporate challenge is, "Your mum doesn't work here" and you've got to change it to, "Mum and dad".'

The Diversity Council of Australia declined to address Mr Latham's attack on its Words At Work program, launched last year.

But it referred Daily Mail Australia to its June 2016 media release which said 'non-inclusive language contributes to and continues stereotyping'. 'Non-inclusive language harms people who witness it as well as the intended targets,' it said.



Anonymous said...

Wish I'd thought of this. Charge $1800 an hour to lecture on PC terms then 6 months later change the terms so you get to come back and charge them another $1800.

Bird of Paradise said...

The thought police use no words that make snowflakes and liberals cry

Anonymous said...

Yeah, PC words are constantly coming in and going out of fashion.

And at any given time, those enforcing new PC words and claiming the prior wave of words are offensive and obsolete, fail to acknowledge that it was they themselves who implemented those words and insisted everyone should use them, and for the same reason that they are changing the words again. And they abuse anyone who does not keep up with their fashion parade of opinions and words as being racist, sexist, homophobe, hater...etc.

Anonymous said...

'Non-inclusive language harms people who witness it as well as the intended targets,'

Liberal utter nonsense.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Just like the communities run by a bunch of narrow minded idiots renaming Columbus Day as Indigionous Peoples Day its just plain rediculous and idiotic