Thursday, December 04, 2014

UK: Calling Ukip candidate by Turkish name seen as fanning prejudice

UKIP is an anti-immigration party. There can be little doubt that directing attention to the man's partly Turkish ancestry was intended to damage him in the eyes of potential voters

A controversial Tory leaflet referring to a Ukip candidate by his Turkish name is not racist and will probably "do him a favour", according to the Conservative MP who will fight him at the next election.

Jackie Doyle-Price told The Telegraph the flier calling Tim Aker "Timür" in an apparent attempt to remind voters of his foreign root would give him "credibility" with the electorate.

She admitted the move was "childish" but rejected the comment was racist, saying: "Frankly, I don't consider this a big deal at all."

James Forsyth, a political commentator, accused the Tories in the Mail on Sunday of "diving headfirst into the gutter" with the "attempt to remind voters of his Turkish roots" in the leaflet.

While Mr Aker was born "Timür", he refers to himself as Tim and appears on the ballot paper in the council by-election under that name.



Bird of Paradise said...

Opening the floodgates for your nations own decline Diversity sucks

Anonymous said...

All parties will do anything to discredit UKIP. They see UKIP as a notional threat.

slinky said...

Is notional threat a thought crime?