Sunday, December 21, 2014

Don't say 'illegal immigrants': British bureaucracy prefers 'clandestine entrants' or 'irregular migrants' to avoid 'connotations'

The Home Office risks accusations of political correctness after saying that foreigners sneaking into Britain should not be referred to as illegal immigrants.

The department said those trying to get into Britain unlawfully should be referred to as 'clandestine entrants'.

The debate about the correct term to use was ignited after John Vine, the independent immigration watchdog, described them as 'irregular migrants'.

The Home Office later said that the preferred term for 'illegal immigrants' was 'clandestine entrants'.

 If you say 'illegal immigrants' there is a presumption and connotations that they have done something wrong said the Home Office spokesman



Anonymous said...

Evidently, 'clandestine entrants' have not "done something wrong" in the view of the British bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

It's obviously a way of not having to admit that too many "illegals" get into the country.

Bird of Paradise said...

Here in america they used to be called WET BACKS becuase they swam the Rio Grande they they were called Illegal aliens now we just call them FUTURE DEMACRATIC VOTERS