Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Don't say Merry Christmas! British civil servants urged to put Season's Greetings in emails and not use pictures of SKIN

Government staff sending festive emails have been urged to not to say Merry Christmas.

The extraordinary advice was sent this week to avoid offending people of other faiths and agnostics.

The email was sent to staff this week who wanted advice on what to send in festive e-cards

The ministry, led by Lib Dem Ed Davey, sends e-cards instead of traditional paper greetings to save money and paper.

An email sent to some officials this week gave advice on what the messages should and should not say, to avoid offending people who do not celebrate Christmas.

The message was sent on Monday to staff who wanted to know how to style festive greetings sent from the department, The Sun reported.  It stated: ‘When picking, think Season’s Greetings rather than Merry Christmas.’

The email added: ‘As an organisation of multiple faiths and agnostics serving a community of the same and in the interest of inclusion, I’d avoid images with skin.’

Tory MP Ian Liddell-Grainger said the advice was ‘just pathetic’.

‘They should grow up and get a grip. We live in 21st century Britain and we should be able to get on and celebrate Christmas and recognise people have different faiths without offending anyone.’



Anonymous said...

I am an atheist, but I celebrate Christmas which is in honor of the birth of Christ and I say Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

"Christmas" has very little to do with any religion. It's a popular folk festival heavily commercialized.

Anonymous said...

If its so bad then just take christmas off as a national holiday making the hate mongers happy.

Atheist direct so much hate towards something they don't believe in so get rid of the holiday and make everyone work on that day.

We can make it a none federal holiday of hate and anger, there, happy now!

Bird of Paradise said...

Merry Christmas,Merry Christmas,Merry Christmas AND bah Humbug to these liberal grinches

Anonymous said...

So in the interest of "inclusion" we are excluding Christmas? All to avoid possibly offending someone? Gee, I wonder if Christians are offended by public officials acting as though Christmas doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

Since they don't want to acknowledge Christmas, they should be at work on the 25th of December.

Anonymous said...

Atheists wasting their self acknowledged small slice of eternity on this sort of thing. Bright boys, real bright.