Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Must not dress up as members of a black gang

Partygoers were satirizing the Crips gang based in California

A Clemson fraternity has suspended all activity after students and university President Jim Clements raised concerns about a themed party.

The "CRIPmas"-themed party Saturday night raised concerns about the campus climate, Clements said in a statement posted on the university website. Some students and faculty said on social media the party was racially insensitive.

The national office of the fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, apologized to the campus and community in a statement.

The party was not sanctioned by the university, said spokesman John Gouch. According to the fraternity statement, the party took place at a private, off-campus residence.

Many students said on social media the party's theme was racist, and some pointed out the Crips are a primarily black gang. Some faculty and staff expressed dismay on Twitter as well. Many called for Clements to take action. 

Other students said the theme was insensitive, but race was not an issue.  Lesley Smith said in a message that the party theme seemed insensitive toward anyone affected by gang violence, but that was not limited to people of one race.



Anonymous said...

God we are an nation of over sensitive, spineless, gutless morons and pussies.

So now it s a gang we are not allowed to criticize? I guess it it was a mostly white gang it would be ok?

This PC shit is going to be the death of us yet!

Bird of Paradise said...

Super Sensitive wanks their brains went when they sniffed glue

Anonymous said...

Insensitive? Not possible, the Crips are scum and deserve no consideration whatsoever.

Stupid? Definitely, they couldn't possibly have picked a worse theme.

Anonymous said...

Quite a stupid thing to do since quite a few people have been shot for wearing the wrong "colors" of one of rival gangs. Gangs don't care if you are a pretender, you'll be just as dead.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was the bloods who wore red and the crips wore blue..so a miss labeled party should have been my bloody christmas maybe