Monday, December 08, 2014

Former England footballer Michael Owen is slammed on social media after comparing women to luxury cars

Former England footballer Michael Owen has been inundated with critical messages after starring in a 'sexist' new car ad.

In the ad, which was made on behalf of his local car dealership, Owen, who is married to childhood sweetheart Louise Bonsall, compares women to luxury cars and goes on to boast about the 'dozens' of Jaguars he owns.

 'You've got to go for looks to start with,' said the star in the clip, before adding: 'Then you look inside. It's probably similar to girls isn't it?

'The look attracts you to start with and then you get to know them a bit more, I think it's the same with cars.'

Andrew North, a director at Alexanders Prestige, the dealership behind the ad, defended Owen's statement when contacted by MailOnline.  'I think it's a fair comparison,' said Mr North. 'You are attracted to the outside but ultimately, it's what's on the inside that counts and that's what he was trying to say.

Defending his star, Mr North added: 'Michael was a pleasure to work with. We have known him for years and he have previously worked with him and his family through the equestrian side of the business. 'He was very happy to take part in the advert and we will be working with him again.'



Anonymous said...

The League of the Perpetually Offended (female chapter) is trying to claim another scalp it appears.

Stan B said...

It doesn't matter whether he is right or not....the offense occurs because men ARE attracted to women based initially on looks. That's the outrage!

Anonymous said...

He said the last thing a feminist wants to hear which is why there is so much anger. Unfortunately, it is absolutely true. My wife is intelligent, witty, funny and fun, but the first thing that caught my eye was that she is beautiful.