Monday, July 28, 2008

Supremes disallow 'hate crime' law

'Preaching about sin of sodomy should not be made illegal'
"The Supreme Court in Pennsylvania has declared the "hate crimes" laws used to jail the Philadelphia 11 in 2004 violated the state constitution. In a four-line statement this week, the court said the ruling from the lower Commonwealth Court "is affirmed for the reasons ably set forth in the opinion of the Honorable James Gardner Collins, which opinion is adopted as that of the Supreme Court."

"We are very happy that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled in our favor to stop the governor and a group of corrupt politicians from sneaking a 'hate crimes' bill through the Pennsylvania legislature," said Judge Roy Moore, of the Foundation for Moral Law. "Preaching to homosexuals about the sin of sodomy should not be made a 'thought crime' in Pennsylvania or any other state," he said.

Michael Marcavage, director of Repent America and a petitioner in the case, said, "Having been arrested, jailed and charged with a 'hate crime' for preaching the Gospel, I am elated that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the lower court's ruling in striking down Pennsylvania's expanded 'hate crimes' law." ...

The group of Christians, who were given the title Philadelphia 11, had been giving their testimony on public property at the city's tax-funded celebration of homosexuality in the city's downtown in 2004. But based on a 2002 "hate crimes" plan then in force in the state, they were arrested, jailed and threatened with up to five decades in jail.

The criminal charges later were dismissed and the group members then challenged the law itself, suing over its adoption. The Supreme Court's ruling affirms the 4-1 decision in the Commonwealth Court that the amendments were unconstitutional.



Anonymous said...

Interesting story. It proves once again, that simply because cities, towns, and states make "laws" doesn't necessarily mean they're legal. They just count on the fact that you won't challange them.

So-called hate-crime laws are an offshoot of political correctness, a virus that's infecting every aspect of our culture and having a dangerous impact on our freedoms, especially freedom of speech. It is also the latest (and most effective) weapon used by the Left in their ongoing dumbing down of America campaign.

And since the American people seem to grow weaker every day, since they no longer seem to have the will to fight anything, PC'ists are winning. But don't blame them. It's the American people who allow it.

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"Anonymous said...

Sodomy.....Boring? a way.....Yea!

Anonymous said...

"Sodomy.....Boring? a way.....Yea!"

Sounds like someone speaking from experience :)

Good to see the constitutional courts chipping away at the left's favourite weapon to suppress dissent.

Anonymous said...

Well at least he knows from experience rather than prejudice based on ignorance. It's ejaculation into a hole of some kind that drives the male instinct. Culture makes most men put up with women's idiosynchrasies, so making them martyrs to the survival of the human race!