Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birth certificate petition shut down by threat from Obama supporter

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By now, even the people living under rocks have heard about Obama's forged birth certificate. This is worrisome for a number of reasons. First off, that he and/or his campaign staff thought the general public was that stupid/gullible (well, on second thought, he DOES have a lot of supporters, maybe a lot of them ARE that stupid.), and secondly why on earth would they feel that they needed to submit a forgery? Is he a native US citizen or not? Or is this about his name? or his parent's religion? Either way, it is a reasonable thing to look at since after all, there is that little legal requirement that he be a native US citizen, and not just a naturalized one. One person put up a website for an online petition calling for the REAL birth certificate to be released, but within hours of it going up, someone, using the site operator's home address, left a veiled threat against the site operator and his family.
""Petition Closed

A veiled threat was made against myself and my family which included our home address, so I have decided to close the petition for good. It is truly sad that political discourse in our country has come to this. "


Anonymous said...

I guess I am living under a rock, because I hadn't heard about the forged birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

A quick internet search (I no longer use the verb 'G**gle', or that search engine) suggests the story was a fake.

Anonymous said...

Forging birth certificate is not only illegal. It can go either way.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad #1, i hadn't heard about it either. And if the story's a fake, why the instant threat?

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, the media has done a very good job keeping this quiet, (be it real or not) especially since printing lies is their stock-in-trade. Or, is this one of the things we'll find out is true "after" he wins!

Anonymous said...

The thing is that it isn’t the leftist that are fighting to get rid of the story, it is the republicans that are doing it. Keep the story low key until after the democratic national convention and all is said and done. Then bring up the issue that the big BO isn’t qualified to run, since he wasn’t born in the USA! The democrats will flee to SCOTUS and ask for their ruling. Only trouble is that SCOTUS isn’t in session, since they start up the first Monday in October.

Then no matter what SCOTUS does, it helps. If SCOTUS rules that Natural born doesn’t apply, the right wing can say that the left wing is changing the rules at the last minute. And this change in the rules would mean that Arnold S. could run in the future. And if the rules aren’t changed, then the big BO is out and Hillary gets pulled in to lose.

Fun times are ahead!