Monday, December 31, 2007

Whites must not Act Black in any Way!

From Princeton:

"Photos of USG [University Student Government, I assume] presidential candidate Josh Weinstein '09 wearing dark clothes and black face-paint caused a stir on campus over the weekend, after they were published by a blog last Thursday.

The captioned photos, which depict Halloween festivities, were posted by Weinstein on his personal website in the fall semester of his freshman year. An anonymous student apparently saved copies of the photos, which Weinstein later deleted from his site, and submitted them last week to IvyGate, which covers news from the Ivy League.

Along with the photos and captions, IvyGate ran a statement sent by Weinstein on Nov. 28. Though Weinstein stressed in his statement that he had no racist intentions, the IvyGate story caught the attention of minority groups on campus....

In the statement, Weinstein said the photos show him "dressed as a person's shadow. It was very clear, from the beginning, what my costume was about: imitating a person's shadow. As such, I followed around other party attendees, mimicking their actions."


Weinstein is almost certainly a Jewish name so it seems most unlikely that any racist comment was intended. He had to do a huge amount of apologizing, though.