Saturday, December 15, 2007

Leftist Ignores the Facts about Noose Incidents

We read:

"The noose, that symbol of American racism associated with the Jim Crow South, is making a comeback. Following the notorious Jena, La., incident, a rash of noose-related hate crimes has surfaced around the country, at times in the unlikeliest of places.

These cases are not aberrations, but part of an endemic problem. On Oct. 9, 2007, in New York City, a noose was found hanging from the office door of a black professor at Columbia University Teachers College. On Oct. 10, an NYPD officer found a noose hanging over his locker. On Oct. 11, a noose was found hanging from a light pole in front of a post office near Ground Zero. On Oct. 22, a noose was sent to a high school principal, a black woman, in Brooklyn."


This pathetic Leftist ignores the fact that in every case where a noose-scare perpetrator was traced, it turned out to be a sensation-seeking black or Leftist -- or there was no noose at all. See previous posts on this blog and also here and here.

There is a HUGE history of "hate crimes" faked by Leftists -- See here -- so unless proven otherwise it is reasonable to believe that ALL the noose incidents were the work of Leftists.