Saturday, December 08, 2007

Depicting Young Men in Cars Incorrect


"A McDonald's advertisement showing a carload of male teenagers ordering a drive-through meal is off the air after an investigation by an industry watchdog. The advertisement, which shows a P-plater [provisionally-licensed driver] who drives his friends to the fast food restaurant after getting his licence, will not be screened again following claims it promoted unsafe driving.

After airing between November 4 and 12 it was investigated by the Advertising Standards Bureau. "I think it was one of the most complained about for the month,"Advertising Standards Bureau chief executive officer Fiona Jolly said.

"The complaints made about this ad were that it depicted young boys driving in a manner that wasn't safe. The board noted that a carload of kids in the middle of the day isn't illegal but the board felt that the depiction of the kids really was contrary to all the public safety messages that are out there at the moment to young men on safe driving and safe behaviour in cars. They really felt that this was an ad that did breach the code."