Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Swedes Try for Feminist Road Signs

Officially rejected -- so far:

"A local authority which wants to erect road signs featuring female characters in the interests of gender equality has had its initiative vetoed by national authorities.

Hassleholm Municipality designed a new sign to mark pedestrian crossings on roads in the town. Instead of the traditional male figure - known in Sweden as Herr Garman, which translates as both 'Mr walk man' and 'This is where you walk' - council roads chief Anders Servin designed a 'Fru Garman'....

But the project has now been vetoed by the Swedish National Roads Administration (Vagverket). It points to laws that state that a new road sign may not erected if it could be confused with an existing design.


I guess the "male" road sign must not have a willy to cut off