Friday, June 08, 2007

Why Jews Should Approve of Antisemitic Speech

Eugene Volokh, who is Jewish, a lawyer and a widely-read conservative blogger, argues that neither Jews nor anyone else should attempt to stop antisemitic speech and holocaust denial.

A major reason he puts forward for that, however, is interesting. He feels that such speech keeps Jew on their toes. It helps them to avoid a false sense of security and helps give Jews some feeling of unity -- something that Jews notoriously lack. There are heaps of anti-Israel Jews, for instance. Also see here.

Volokh's argument in that regard is in fact an old one. I look quickly at the history of the idea concerned as part of my article here. Some Jewish writers even feel that Jews NEED their persecutors -- that it is only persecution that has held Jews together as a group for so many years

I myself think that is a bit extreme but the idea that victims and victimizers do in some cases and in some senses collude is not an unusual one. It is one foundation of the study known as "victimology".

Note that Volokh is NOT condoning actual persecution of Jews -- just antisemitic speech. I am rather pleased that someone is able to make that distinction. Leftists notoriously do not. To them anything from the words "you people" (as Ross Perot found out) to a lynching is all the same -- all "racism"