Tuesday, June 18, 2024

I’m the NYC mom who was booted from a parent council over calling out antisemitism — I refuse to be silenced

Manhattan mom Maud Maron was booted from the parent council of the city’s largest school district because she spoke out against hate in a February New York Post article about an anti-Israel op-ed published anonymously in Stuyvesant High School’s student newspaper.

The city Department of Education determined her criticism was “derogatory and offensive.” Maron has also been publicly bashed for private remarks she’s made about transgender students.

She was expelled from the Community Education Council for District 2 — which covers most of lower and midtown Manhattan and the Upper East Side — as was the president of Brooklyn’s CEC 14, Tajh Sutton, who banned Jewish parents from meetings and organized pro-Palestine student walkouts.

Maron, 53, is one of three plaintiffs in a lawsuit charging CEC 14 and Chancellor David Banks with violating First Amendment rights to free speech. On Saturday, she tells The Post she refuses to be silenced.

"Late Friday, the chancellor removed me from my elected position as a member of CEC 2 and informed me that it was because of my quote in the New York Post about antisemitism at my daughter’s high school.

He also removed the CEC 14 president for what appears to be a laundry list of violations, including violating the state’s Open Meetings Law.

My official infraction was my quote in February about the anonymous op-ed in The Spectator, which dripped with inaccuracies and rank antisemitism. The author proudly noted that they rejected calls to condemn the terrorism against Israel on Oct. 7th and instead called it “resistance;” falsely asserted that Hamas militants did not hide under hospitals or use inhabitants as human shields; perpetuated the myth that Israelis sterilized Ethiopians; and claimed that Israel “kidnaps” children and is committing an ongoing “genocide” of Palestinians.

“If you are going to repeat revolting Hamas propaganda and transcribe your ignorance and Jew hatred, put your name to it,” I added.

The student editors later issued corrections but Jewish students had to wait weeks. Meanwhile, they have endured a rising tide of antisemitism at school, which the chancellor has struggled mightily to address.

But the real reason the chancellor wants to remove me is because the Democratic establishment in New York City is furious because I know the difference between male and female and am willing to say so in polite company."



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Stan B said...

If you think you are arguing with a rational person, and they push back on reality from an ideological perspective - ask them to define a woman. It will tell you all you need to know about their capture by the left.