Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Some GOOD hate speech

There is no doubt that Pat Condell loathes Leftist political correctness.  He says so in the most vivid terms.  He holds nothing back.  But what he says would sound justified to most conservatives

But there is no doubt that what he says IS "hate speech"  So when YouTube took down his most recent video they were clearly within their own rules fobidding hate speech.  Whether hate speech should be censored is another question

Pat's latest video "OK Groomer" is still available on his own site:


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Norse said...

He appears to want to protect children from harm. While he expressed anger in his speech, is it not possible that he words his dislike strongly without the intent to harm?

Redistribution, as leftists call it, does not benefit the well off (and envied) who are separated from their resources by force/law, but it may actually benefit some of the receivers in some form. I suppose hate speech could in some way actually benefit a group of people, for example children, but ultimately hate speech is not good, it wants do destroy liberty, and what good is that?

Bird of Paradise said...

To liberals Hate Speech is anything that upsets the little Snowflakes in those liberal run Campuses