Tuesday, June 06, 2023

The Left’s Redefinition of Words Leads to Totalitarianism, Homeschooling Leader Warns

ORLANDO, Fla.—The Left’s tendency to redefine words to silence dissent is a clear tactic of totalitarianism, and conservatives need to fight back, a prominent conservative leader warns.

“They play with words. They played with the word ‘marriage.’ Now, they’re playing with the words ‘man’ and ‘woman,'” and that “ultimately leads to totalitarianism,” Michael Farris, founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association and currently legal counsel at the National Religious Broadcasters, told The Daily Signal. “The changing words, changing meanings, changing morality is a part of the totalitarian culture, because they have to rip everything down in order to build up the new country, the new agenda, the new culture that they want.”

Speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters convention on Tuesday, Farris warned that the Left’s vision is “a world without God” and “a world without freedom.”

Farris, who ran unsuccessfully for Virginia lieutenant governor in 1993, predicted a shift in the other direction, as Americans learn what the Left is doing. He noted the growth of homeschooling following the COVID-19 pandemic as an example.

“The Left is apoplectic about all this,” Farris said. “They just can’t imagine a school system that they don’t totally dominate, that the parents actually have some say over what’s going on.”

Farris also founded Convention of States, and Convention of States Action President Mark Meckler also joined the podcast.

Meckler noted that his organization’s resolution for a convention of states focuses on ways to restrain the size and scope of the federal government, through a balanced-budget constitutional amendment, tax caps, spending caps, and congressional term limits. He argued that as more Americans move to the Right and to the Left, leaving fewer and fewer in the center, federalism becomes the only real answer.

“The problem we’re having today is, so many things are being decided from Washington, D.C., and that naturally makes us hate each other, because half of us are going to be mad at any given time, roughly,” Meckler said. “And so, if you go back to federalism, I think we can keep the country together.”

“We take off a lot of the heat, cool a lot of the pressure, out of the system by just saying New York’s New York, California’s California, and the conservative states are whatever they want to be,” he explained. “That’s the solution. And the only way back to that, that I’m aware of, is to call a convention of states, rejigger the jurisdiction, bring the power back to the states, and let them be who they are.”



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Norse said...

One group's wrongs are typically obvious and difficult to deny, while the other group's wrongs are often subtle and manipulative, making them easier to deny. I think this is a fair generalisation for the right and left leaning, and it is clear which group is responsible for which wrongs.

Anonymous said...

The battle is between total anarchy and basically no government at one extreme and totalitarianism with absolute government control at the other extreme. At the current time the Right is fighting against additional government control and the Left is fighting for more government control.

The center which the media totally doesn't understand is having just enough government control that the freedom to do as you choose is minimally limited. People need government to protect them from those who would cheat them, destroy the environment, physically assault them and to protect their property rights.

Less than that and the excess freedom allows people to use their freedom to cause damage to others while more than that allows the government to excessively restrict their freedom. So the center is the maximum personal freedom possible without someone else loosing too much of their personal freedom.

The true battle is who gets to adjust the government to move it closer to the center or further from it.

The problem is that in some situations the government may be right of center while other situations have the government on the left of center.

Overall most governments are left of center and always trying to pull further left as governments like to gain additional control, it's their nature. Their favorite tactic to move further to the left is "The Crisis!" which allows them to increase their control.