Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Fairy tales under attack

A few days ago, the UK Telegraph reported that Ladybird had brought in sensitivity readers to go over the publisher’s back catalogue and reexamine a number of children’s books from its vintage collection. Classic fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White, and the characters and plots in the stories, are said to be of particular concern to sensitivity readers. In woke parlance, fairytales are now problematic.

You won’t be surprised which perpetually offended demographic is to blame. When it comes to fairy tales, a recent survey revealed that almost half of those under the age of thirty found them to be inappropriate for children. While a whopping 89 per cent believe they reinforce outdated – what normal people call ‘traditional’  – gender roles.

This incessant need to eradicate offence is something I find deeply disturbing about millennials, and to a certain extent, Generation Z-ers. Emblematic of the purity of their political opinions and the self-righteousness of their convictions, they wish to erase everything from history. Some of these tales date back thousands of years. The reason they have survived relatively unscathed might have something to do with what they can teach us. This is because fairy tales contain a number of universal truths that are as relevant now as they were a millennium ago.

For example, in the tale of the Three Little Pigs, the moral lesson was about the value of hard work, while Goldilocks warns you not to enter  someone else’s home without permission. In Little Red Riding Hood, we learn that we should be cautious about trusting strangers, while Beauty and the Beast taught children to look beyond superficial things like physical appearance. Teaching children that there’s more to life than identity? I can see why they want to consign them to the dustbin of history!





Bird of Paradise said...

There's a book out for kids THE BIG BAD PIG AND THE THREE LITLE WOLVES those Eco- Freaks ruining kids live first with junk like Captain Planet, Network Earth and One Child One Voice now this

Stan B said...

For examples of what these idiots THINK "Fairy Tales" should look like, See "Politically Correct Fairy Tales" and "More Politically Correct Fairy Tales." They were written as JOKES. Who knew they were prophetic?

Bird of Paradise said...

Politicly Correct Bedtime Stories