Friday, January 27, 2023

Video Platform Removes Documentary About Families Impacted by Transgender Ideology

Video-sharing website Vimeo recently removed a documentary from its platform that profiled the lives of three families whose lives were “upended” after their children began to identify as “transgender.”

According to Fox News Digital, the documentary “Dead Name” was released last month on Vimeo for rental or purchase. But, the platform confirmed to the outlet that the documentary was taken down due to violating its “Acceptable Use Policy” overseeing “harmful, hateful, and misleading content.”

"We can confirm that Vimeo removed the video in question for violating our Terms of Service prohibiting discriminatory or hateful content," the company said. "We strive to enforce these policies objectively and consistently across our platform. Vimeo has notified the account owner and all purchases have been refunded."

Taylor Reece, the filmmaker behind “Dead Name,” told Fox that "there are two main issues here” regarding Vimeo’s decision to remove the documentary.

"One is the censorship, which is really concerning, and the other is the issue itself, which has got to be discussed. It has to be. They can keep trying to suppress it, but ultimately it has to be discussed,” Reece said.

Reportedly, Reece said that someone in her family is dealing with the issues detailed in the film. She interviewed more than 100 parents for the film whose children became transgender as teenagers (via Fox News Digital):

Bill recounted in the film how he believes his son Sean, who suffered from health problems his entire life, ultimately died from complications related to cross-sex hormones after falling in with people at college who affirmed him in a transgender identity. Sean's classmates later criticized him for using his son's given name, or "dead name," during his online memorial service, from which the film gets its title.

Helen told the story of how her son developed two different identities and began talking about genital surgery at 4 years old. Amy said her adolescent daughter's transgender identity "just came from somewhere and swept her away."

All three parents discerned that their children's confusion was the result of external influences, and each smacked up against opposition from professional therapists who affirmed their children in the opposite sex without question.

Reece shared that “in all three cases, you have parents who feel alienated, who feel ostracized, who feel marginalized, who have been stunned and shocked at every juncture, whether it's been from a nursery school all the way up to a really fine college."

Reece added, "I don't want to have to campaign about censorship and being silenced. I want the film to speak to this issue. This issue is so important. We've got a whole generation of kids who have been captured with this [transgender ideology] and will age out.”




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