Friday, January 28, 2022

Microsoft moves to censor computer users

Microsoft is implementing politically correct automatic censoring on its popular Microsoft Word product.

According to respected tech blog Gizmodo, Microsoft is aiming to automatically correct users use of “biased” language through its spellchecker feature.

This is yet another attempt by Big Tech to impose it’s radical woke politically ideology on Americans.

Specifically, Microsoft will now flag INDIVIDUAL WORDS you write for age bias, cultural bias, ethnic slurs, gender bias, gender specific language, racial bias and sexual orientation bias. While the system is currently turned off, it is one software update away from being imposed on your computer.

I expect words and phrases like “mother”, “freedom”, “hard-working”, “Christian” and “God” will be automatically flagged in the near future.

It’s not clear to me if Microsoft will be notified if you use flagged words, but having experienced the cancel culture you and I both know that Microsoft is not putting this politically correct language feature in so it won’t be used.

This is all part of the left’s attempt to rewrite the entire English language to make it more inclusive.

Already the Biden Administration uses the term birthing-person instead of mother.

Microsoft is now joining this politically correct crusade!

Email from Rick Manning, Americans for Limited Government.


YouTube Permanently Bans Dan Bongino

On Wednesday, Google-owned video-sharing platform YouTube permanently banned conservative commentator and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino.

Earlier this month, as Landon covered, Bongino faced a YouTube suspension for violating the platform’s policy on spreading Wuhan coronavirus “misinformation.” Now, both Bongino’s YouTube channels have been removed from the platform. A spokesperson for YouTube told The Hill that Bongino will not be able to create a channel in the future.

“The YouTube spokesperson confirmed that attempts to make new channels ‘associated with his name’ will also be denied,” The Hill’s report stated.

This week, Bongino reportedly announced in a now-removed video that he was planning on leaving YouTube. At the time, he amassed nearly 900,000 subscribers on his main channel.




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Anonymous said...

From the Gizmodo article mentioned in the "email."

We verified that the feature is already available to Microsoft 365 customers but is turned off by default. And rather confusingly, Microsoft gives you the ability to turn off some inclusivity features while leaving others off, so you can have it check for gender bias but ignore ethnic slurs. When enabled, inappropriate terms are underlined in purple and an inclusive alternative is presented.

Microsoft told Daily Mail that the spellchecker might not be “suitable for all scenarios” and emphasized that it could be turned off if needed. While there are surely scenarios where people don’t want a nudge toward political correctness (say, if you were referencing a quote like “One giant leap for mankind”), you can also just ignore the purple underline.

“Microsoft understands that not every Editor suggestion may be suitable for all users and all scenarios,” the company told Daily Mail. “That’s why we let users be in control of their final output. Editor is a completely optional tool that users can turn on or turn off at any point. Editor does not make any autocorrections. The user has control over which suggestions they choose to use, if any. They will be able to turn on and off each one of them individually.”

So it is not turned on automatically. It can be disabled through settings. Most of all, it does not "automatically" correct anything - it makes "suggestions."

There is great potential for abuse here by Microsoft, but the email that was posted is not accurate.