Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Censorship by an Israeli mayor

It was the museum that was in a position to do this censorship

Ramat Gan Mayor Carmel Shama-Hacohen has appointed himself censor. Over the weekend, he requested that a work by artist David Reeb be removed from an exhibition at the Ramat Gan Museum, which reopened last Thursday. The painting shows a picture of an ultra-Orthodox Jew praying at the Western Wall, with two captions – “Jerusalem of Gold” and “Jerusalem of Shit.”

“Jerusalem is a symbol that’s in the heart of every Jew and sacred to all religions,” Shama-Hacohen wrote on his Facebook page. “Even at the opening event, there were people who couldn’t bear this insult and cut their visit to the museum short because of this work.” The mayor then added, “Ramat Gan didn’t build a museum for a huge sum of money and will not subsidize it every year to expose its children and others to gutter language.”

There are many other examples of censorship, with most objectors acting without authority and in defiance of court rulings and legal opinions stating that politicians and directors of art institutions are not authorized to censor.


Oxford Union is accused of gagging free speech for advance vetting of controversial speakers

The Oxford Union has been accused of undermining free speech after agreeing to allow the vetting of controversial speakers.

The debating society, which dates back to 1823, will assess the 'impact' of guests before allowing them to visit.

Particular deliberation is likely to apply to critics of the transgender lobby, pro-Life groups and those who advocate for Israel.

Historically even the most controversial speakers were allowed to visit, including OJ Simpson in 1996 and Nick Griffin of the British National Party in 2007.

However the society plans to 'restructure' its invitations process to take into account any adverse effect on minority groups.

Documents show this could mean consulting 'specialist student societies'. The proposal is the result of an independent review by lawyers.

Chris McGovern of the Campaign for Real Education claimed freedom of speech would be curtailed.

But a spokesman for the Oxford Union welcomed the review, adding: 'We will defend any person's right to freedom of speech within the law.'


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