Wednesday, October 20, 2021

BBC ‘gagged me after I blew whistle on bullying’

A former BBC public relations manager says that she has been gagged by the corporation after raising concerns about bullying and harassment.

Una Carlin, who was the chief spokeswoman in Northern Ireland for 15 years, reached a £100,000 settlement with the BBC in February after she had sued the corporation in 2014 over grievances dating back a decade.

Carlin, who left the BBC in 2015, said that she had been bullied and harassed for asking whether recruitment practices were in line with employment laws in Northern Ireland. She signed her settlement after appealing to Tim Davie, the director-general, to draw a line under the feud, which she said had left her in financial ruin and damaged her mental health.


Top Berkeley physicist RESIGNS in protest at colleagues who refused to invite acclaimed scientist to speak there after his MIT speech was canceled over his criticism of George Floyd riots and pro-meritocracy views

A leading scientist has dramatically resigned from his post at Berkeley University in protest at his colleagues' refusal to invite a physicist to give a speech previously canceled by another college at the behest of a woke mob.

David Romps was the director of Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center (BASC), in California.

He resigned Monday after Berkeley refused his request to invite Dorian Abbot to speak on campus, and said he would stand down by the end of the year, or when a replacement candidate for his current role was found.

In the first of a series of tweets explaining his decision, Romps said: 'I am resigning as Director of the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center (BASC). To reduce the odds of being mischaracterized, I want to explain my decision here...'

Abbot, an associate professor at the University of Chicago's department of geophysical sciences, was due to deliver the prestigious Carlson lecture at MIT on 'new results in climate science'. But he found out that the October 21 lecture had been called off after protest at his views.

Abbot posted several videos on YouTube last year denouncing the rioting in Chicago that erupted in the wake of George Floyd's murder at the hands of Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin.

He also argued that students should be given the same opportunities and marked on their academic merit, rather than equity - equality of outcomes, a phrase whose use has become increasingly widespread.

Romps, angered by Abbot being disinvited from MIT, suggested to his own university that they allow Abbot to deliver his lecture there instead.

Princeton University took the same step, and on Thursday Abbot will speak at the New Jersey institution's James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions.

But at Berkeley, Romps met resistance.

'I asked the BASC faculty if we might invite that scientist to speak to us in the coming months to hear the science talk he had prepared and, by extending the invitation now, reaffirm that BASC is a purely scientific organization, not a political one,' Romps explained on Twitter.

'In the ensuing discussion among the BASC faculty, it became unclear to me whether we could invite that scientist ever again, let alone now.

'I was hoping we could agree that BASC does not consider an individual's political or social opinions when selecting speakers for its events, except for cases in which the opinions give a reasonable expectation that members of our community would be treated with disrespect.

'Unfortunately, it is unclear when or if we might reach agreement on this point.'

Romps said he felt strongly that Berkeley denying Abbot the right to speak about science because of his political views was disturbing, and harmful to their scientific work.




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