Sunday, April 18, 2021

TikTok has permanently banned PragerU from its platform for “multiple violations” of its community guidelines

The tech giant removed PragerU’s account altogether—giving us no way to appeal the decision! We can’t even view the content that was supposedly in violation of TikTok’s policies!

This is blatant censorship.

TikTok is a platform most frequently used by young people, primarily those under the age of 18, to share video content. This is a vital age group being brainwashed by the left that we must reach.

PragerU’s TikTok page simply shared videos about American values using young influencers to convey those ideas. Our page was reaching millions of young people.

For example, one of our videos by Dennis Prager (on the myth of the gender wage gap) reached 3 million views—millions of young people liked and shared this video.

TikTok does not want young people, especially Gen Z, exposed to conservative ideas.

Because PragerU’s page was effectively influencing millions of young people, they banned us. To make matters worse, TikTok gave PragerU zero recourse—no reasons were given and there is no one to contact.

The left has taken over every single vehicle of communication for young people. Americans are facing a serious Freedom of Speech issue. Without our First Amendment, all our other rights will be meaningless.

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Calls to change the name of fairy bread because it's 'outdated and offensive'

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A popular Australian party food has come under fire after campaigners slammed the iconic treat for its 'offensive' and 'outdated' name.

Alexis Chaise, from Melbourne, has launched a petition to replace the name of the party snack for the 'sake of countless marginalised Australians'.

She proposed the name be changed to 'party bread' because the term 'fairy' has been used to 'belittle and oppress others'.

The word 'fairy' has been defined as a derogatory term for a gay male who acts more stereotypically feminine than straight women.

'The fact that Australians in 2021 are still using this word in the name of a children's food is reprehensible', the petition reads.

'I was shocked when I discovered at my cousin's 5th birthday party that the children there were being taught to use the derogatory term of 'fairy' in regards to their party food.'

The campaigner said she was proud to have never consumed fairy bread, and encouraged Australians to boycott the beloved treat.

The week-old campaign has received over 1000 signatures, with many 'supporters' venting their frustration at the petition in the comments.

'Signing is the only way I can let you know how f**king stupid this is', one user commented.

There is some suggestion that this is a spoof




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Stan B said...

Get with the times, Australia. We haven't used faerie in the US to refer to gays since the 1990s. It's fallen well by the wayside, much like poofters. You people really need to get on the ball and realize that faerie now refers almost exclusively to winged sylvan beings of a magical nature, and stop living in the past!