Sunday, December 01, 2019

Air New Zealand staff troll 'racist' customer who took issue with the greeting 'kia ora' because she isn't Maori

I would have thought it reasonable for an English-speaking person in an English-speaking country to ask to be spoken to in English

Air New Zealand staff have trolled a customer on the company's social media page after she took issue with the airline using the greeting 'kia ora'.

The customer took to the Air New Zealand Facebook page to ask when the Wellington domestic Koru Club would be completed.

'Kia ora (hello), our team are working hard to finish our amazing lounge for customers. We hope to have more information regarding this shortly,' the airline wrote back.

The customer seemed unhappy with the response and sent a blunt reply stating 'I'm not Maori'.

The Air New Zealand social media worker then trolled the customer by responding with even more Te Reo - one of New Zealand's official languages, typically spoken by the nation's indigenous population.

'We do not expect this lounge to be re-opened within 2019. However, taihoa koe ka kite (you'll soon see) all the amazing improvements we have made, FC,' the airline replied.

But the customer did not take the joke well and said again they were not Maori and asked for the airline worker to translate it to English.

Shortly after Air New Zealand fired back again: 'We've done a bit of digging for you, and it looks like the lounge will be open just before Kirihimete (Christmas)! We can't wait to open the doors again, then you'll get to see all the amazing improvements we've made, SM.'

The post was quickly taken down but has since circulated on social media with many praising the airline's response.


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