Monday, February 25, 2008

Hate-filled Leftist students at MSU

Accusing conservatives of hate reveals their own hates: Of free speech and conservatives:

"Demonstrating once again the danger of hate speech laws, the Michigan State University Student Assembly voted Thursday to ask the administration to define the difference between free speech and hate speech. MSU President Lou Anna Simon has been adamant that free speech is "at the heart of academic freedom." He's right.

The problem: a string of conservative speakers hosted by MSU's chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, one of them being the head of an unnamed civilian group of volunteers who patrol the U.S.-Mexican border, triggered protests and a few arrests.

Making matters worse, the pro-hate speech law protesters justify their hostility (which looks in and of itself like a "hate crime") by referring to the Southern Poverty Law Center's identification of the MSU Young Americans for Freedom as a "hate group".


The SPLC is a far-Left group so anything they say is unlikely to be objective. I am sure they also call the YAF "Fascists". It's just the normal abuse that Leftists substitute for thought and reasoned argument. They should study what a Fascist really is.

One hopes that the university will NOT fall into the trap of defining any difference -- as there is none. Hate speech IS free speech. Leftists would be almost completely muzzled otherwise.

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