Friday, September 21, 2018

Stanford Removing Catholic Saint Junipero Serra's Name From Campus to Avoid Offending Native Americans

According to an announcement from the university earlier this week, Stanford will soon be removing Junipero Serra’s name from a number of campus buildings and areas.

So far, it appears that the areas to be renamed include Serra Mall (the pedestrian and bike mall outside the university that serves as their mailing address), the Serra dormitory, and an academic building. Although Serra Street (located on campus) will keep its name, there are plans for new educational displays and “other efforts” to “more fully address the multidimensional legacy of Serra and the mission system in California.”

Father Junipero Serra is best known for being the 18th-century founder of the California missions. He was canonized a saint by the Catholic Church in 2015.

The decision to scrub Father Serra’s name was made by a committee comprised of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, which presented its ideas to the Stanford Board of Trustees. The board accepted the committee’s recommendations, along with university president Marc Tessier-Levigne’s suggestion to honor Stanford’s founder by renaming Serra Mall as “Jane Stanford Way.”

Progressive committee members felt that in spite of the significant role Junipero Serra played in California history, his “mission system inflicted great harm and violence on Native Americans.”


There are apparently many statues of Father Serra in CA so this one may not be a big loss


Anonymous said...

More Liberal nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The loss is not in the renaming - it is in the reshaping of history to conform to the current narrative.

ScienceABC123 said...

More rewriting of history.

Bird of Paradise said...

More PC poppycock bull twaddle after all these so caled Noble Savages only killed off whole families they also sacrificed their prisoners to the pagan deities the Unisersity of San Diego call themselves THE AZTECS after one of these pagans who sacrificed humans and were finaly put down by the Spanish