Friday, September 14, 2018

Facebook Jail – Yet Again!

Conservative Christian Bill Muehlenberg writes:

As soon as I tried to open my Facebook page this morning I knew instantly what to write about. You see, here I am, languishing in Facebook jail – once again.

Yep, sitting in jail, twiddling my thumbs, wondering what to do – for an entire 30 days! Sure, I have done my time in the past with shorter stints in the sin bin – a day, or two or three. Various “transgressions” have meant that the FB censors had to act it seems.

But an entire month – really? Wow, what did Bill do that was so despicable? Threaten to assassinate a top political leader? Post pictures with raw, degrading pornographic content? Try to defend the most wicked forms of child abuse? Try to tell deliberate and flagrant lies with impunity?

Um no – evidently it was far, far worse than that. But the really bizarre thing is, it seems NOT to have been a post by me at all. Although it seems to have been someone else’s, I don’t even know what they posted. I only briefly saw a quick image of it, and it was not anything I did. So I am completely kept in the dark by the FB overlords, and have been given the boot, with zero recourse of action or right of reply.

Let me make this clear. Here is the bottom line in this case: someone else can post something FB does not like, and do it on a page that is not your own, yet you can STILL get slammed by FB anyway – even for a whole month. That makes as much sense as sharing a flat with a guy who robs a bank and gets caught. Because you happen to share accommodation with him, you too will be jailed.

That’s it. Just like the KGB operated. Just like how the Stasi used to work. The knock on the door at midnight. Carried away into a van in the dark, never to be heard from again. While folks suffered far worse under the Communists and the Nazis of course, the basic principles are not all that different.

For those wanting a few more details on this, it seems it was absolutely nothing I wrote or posted. It seems to have been on some other FB page. And I did not even get to see clearly what this horribly offensive post was all about. Someone else posted, and I am found guilty by association.

It seems that the latest fracas was due to something posted by someone else on the ‘Its Official’ website which I think is about safe schools and the like. As is often the case, folks seem to make me an admin for their page. It is not as if I am asked, or have asked myself to be an admin, quite often.

Life is busy enough as is. But it can be handy in some cases to be made an admin if it means I can occasionally post something directly on other FB group pages. So if my memory serves me right, I may have posted a handful of times on this particular site. Otherwise I have nothing at all to do with it.

Nonetheless, I am now a goner! No trial, no hearing, no chance to defend myself, no chance to offer my side of the story – straight to the slammer for a month. So this is how FB treats its loyal customers? So this is how FB is going to get new members? So this is how FB is going to ensure healthy customer relations? So this is why we should stay on FB?

There are of course many other alternatives to FB. Various social media sites exist, and they seem to be growing – slowly but surely. A while ago for example I joined MeWe. I also managed to take around 300 FBers with me. Many of us have accounts on both sites as yet, but it simply gets worse each passing day with FB, so a backup is needed.

So far MeWe has censored nothing of mine, nor has it banned me nor blocked me. It seems to actually believe in the fundamental right of free speech, unlike FascistBook. And all this is not just a case of sour grapes on my part. I have lost count of the number of friends who also have been treated like criminals by FB, all because they dare to share non-PC truth.

See you there. Otherwise, I might see you in a month on PCbook.



Hinchey said...

Hi Sir . I just got another month this time for pointing out Hitler did not hate socialist he hated what he refered to as Jewish Marxism . Are you aware that your piece Hitler was a socialist is banned on Facebook and posting it can lead to a suspension of ones account ?

Anonymous said...

Facebook is for childish people who are still emotion adolescents.