Monday, September 17, 2018

Censoring 'Black-ish' was a craven move to satisfy Trump's base

Interesting.  It seems that the ABC network has got its eye on Trump supporters.  They are a huge demographic so it is amazing that the networks have not previously tried to get pro-Trump eyes in front of their advertisers.  So we read below of an anti-Trump show being cancelled.  Will self-interest make the networks begin to abandon their constant anti-Trump hysteria?  Chasing nearly half the population away from your station sure is dumb

(CNN)"Black-ish" creator Kenya Barris is the latest public figure refusing to be owned by our current political climate. Like Colin Kaepernick, he will not sacrifice his voice to conform to a system that caters to President Donald Trump and his supposedly profitable fan base. Barris recently told The Hollywood Reporter he is departing ABC, a network the magazine describes as led by executives "forthright about their desire for more red-state programming since Trump's win," for Netflix.

Barris revealed that his last straw with ABC was the network's shelving -- and as the magazine adds, all but erasing from existence, with scripts and copies nowhere to be found -- "Please, Baby, Please," a "Black-ish" episode that included news footage of NFL players protesting, Charlottesville and Trump (which had been scheduled to air on February 27). The network jettisoned the episode reportedly because executives "feared they'd be alienating the very population they'd tried so hard to court."


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