Friday, September 07, 2018

PA GOP Official Resigns — "Let's See How (NFL) Baboons Get Paid When White People Stop Paying Salaries"

It is wrong to call the black footballers baboons because they are in fact human beings -- albeit rather dim ones.  Had she said that they were LIKE baboons in some way, she might have been on better ground

Carla Maloney might be angry at the situation of National Anthem kneelers, and it’s her first amendment right to say whatever she wants, but it comes with consequences. She is a public official and her words matter, especially within her community.

How can you lead your constituents when you publicly denigrate the people following you. You should be trying to find ways to speak on the subject to bring people to your side in a more educated and informative way. This was pure stupidity, no doubt, out of frustration.

The Beaver County Republican Committee accepted Carla Maloney’s resignation as secretary and an elected member on Friday, according to a post on its website. The Facebook comments, which include a complaint about “reverse racism,” according to the Beaver County (Pa.) Times, have drawn heightened attention as midterm elections draw closer and a new professional football season begins amid White House criticism of players kneeling to protest police brutality against black people.

“The views expressed in her posts are abhorrent and have no place in reasonable public discourse,” the committee said. “We denounce these comments in the strongest terms possible.”

She has apologized



Anonymous said...

players kneeling to protest police brutality against black people

Black people should stop committing crimes !

Anonymous said...

The kneeling players ought to find a country that disrespects America as much as they do, go there, and see how much money they can make playing with a ball.

Bird of Paradise said...

If they dont want to be shot they just better quit breaking into peoples homes in the middle of the night stop robbing banks stores and supermarkets and stop when a cop orders you to

Anonymous said...

Should be they are protesting "Police defending themselves against violent criminals"