Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Why tens of thousands of people want new Netflix series ‘Insatiable’ cancelled

Must not mention FAT

NETFLIX dropped the first trailer for teen comedy series Insatiable over the weekend — but the lead actor’s dramatic transformation has some viewers fuming.

Insatiable tells the story of Patty (Debby Ryan), an overweight high-schooler and social reject who’s dubbed “Fatty Patty” and teased mercilessly by her school mates.

Until, that is, Patty, has her jaw wired shut over her summer holidays, loses a lot of weight and returns to school conventionally “hot.” Suddenly popular, Patty uses her new-found social standing to seek revenge on the teens who used to make her life hell.

The trailer’s earliest scenes — showing Ryan shuffling around in a less-than-convincing fat suit, grimly shovelling food into her mouth — have sparked a backlash from viewers, many of whom have asked why Hollywood is still putting thin actors in fat suits, some 17 years after Gwyneth Paltrow got cheap laughs playing a morbidly obese woman in Shallow Hal.

Others have expressed disappointment at the series’ apparent depiction of drastic, enforced weight loss as a path to success and popularity.

There’s even a Change.org petition demanding Netflix cancel the series, which has already amassed over 83,000 signatures.


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Anonymous said...

I guess they forget what High School is like. Reality is that Fat Kids are socially rejected and bullied and attractive girls are treated very well. Altering facts to be P.C. doesn't change reality.