Friday, July 27, 2018

Sessions Outlaws "Undocumented"

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has declared war on the government being forced to use politically correct words to describe illegal immigration, and his latest move will scale back an Obama-era measure that will undoubtedly result in liberals gnashing their teeth.

As noted by LifeZette, Sessions announced on Tuesday that the Department of Justice will no longer use the term “undocumented,” but rather go back to using the term “illegal alien.”

Many, many Americans will agree with this move, and think it is about time the DOJ took action against the Obama administration’s war on what words. The media and RINO’s are also not going to like the new “conformity” measure, but there’s nothing they can do about it.

In an email to all senior officials and lawyers at the department, Sessions said the term “undocumented” is not an accurate term according to the U.S. Penal Code, informing them that they should immediately begin using “illegal alien,” which is the correct and legal term.


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Good move.