Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Facebook allows Holocaust denial

Facebook says that it does not allow antisemitic hate speech or incitement of violence of any kind and is committed to removing it when reported.

Material relating to Holocaust denial is considered more ambiguous by the platform and the community guidelines do not class it as hate speech.

Dave Rich, head of policy at the CST, said: "Holocaust denial by its definition is antisemitic. Even by Facebook's own rules many of the posts left on the site include extra text that incites hatred against Jews. Holocaust denial is not a wrong opinion or alternative history - the whole point of it is to incite hatred against Jews by claiming there is a conspiracy."

Other content flagged to the platform includes a fan page with more than 8,000 likes dedicated to David Irving, a British revisionist historian who served 13 months in prison in Austria for Holocaust denial in 2006. The page links to clips of his talks on YouTube, including a speech delivered at a meeting of the London Forum, which is said to be a neo-Nazi organisation.

Castle Hill Publishers, based in the US, produces Holocaust denial literature. It was founded by Germar Rudolf, a German chemist who was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for Holocaust denial in 2007. Its Facebook page has more than 200 likes and more than 200 followers.



Anonymous said...

Why do some people want to deny the vicious evil of Hitler and the Nazis ?

Anonymous said...

Saying that anyone who questions the holocaust is automatically anti semitic is a lie for the simple reason that there are Jews who are holocaust revisionists -
All you have to do is watch the documentary on Auschwitz by David Cole - himself Jewish - to see how much the public has been lied to.