Monday, July 16, 2018

Another attempt to ban Peterson

A Leftist writer argues below that Peterson should be allowed to speak in a large sports arena in Hamilton, Ontario, in Peterson's native Canada.  But the objections seem to have already been over-ruled, as the arena is already booked out

How about Shaun King, formerly the face and voice of Black Lives Matter, who faced a controversy about his own racial heritage and has said some extreme things about repression of right-wing views. Is he too controversial for, say, Hamilton's FirstOntario Concert Hall?

In the mind of city councillor Matthew Green, Jordan Peterson is too controversial for that venue. The controversial university professor, equally liked and reviled, is booked here as part of his lecture tour based on his bestselling book "Rules for Life".

Peterson came into the spotlight in part for his insistence on not respecting language about gender identification preference. There's nothing particularly special about his shtick. He's homophobic and misogynistic. He preaches about self-respect, discipline and a sense of superiority being a key to improving the lives of young people, especially young men. Not all of what he says is disgusting, but some of his rules for life are.

All this said, Peterson is popular. His YouTube channel has 800,000 followers and his classroom lectures are so popular some have been filmed for TV and the internet. His speaking tour has been quite successful. Most people who dislike or even hate his views wouldn't think of forking out money to see him. Others, though, would and do.

Should Peterson be banned from selling his snake oil at Hamilton's public entertainment venues? If so, who else should be? And who decides?



Anonymous said...

That's a diatribe by a lefty who's just beginning to realize that the people who've been all about being tolerant are actually the least tolerant people. He's got a long way to go before he's fully awakened to the evil that is the left but it sounds like he's making his first few steps away from the lock-step march.

Stan B said...

I love how he/she throws the terms "homophobic" and "misogynistic" at Peterson without a single reference to anything Peterson has said that would support those accusations. Noting that scientific research is full of actual, measurable "sex differences" is not the same as being misogynistic. I've never heard him say anything remotely "homophobic," but these days that accusation is used against anyone who says "I'm Not Gay."