Monday, July 09, 2018

Another attack on free speech from California

As the Supreme Court strikes blows against compelled speech and restrictions on free speech, California is doing its best to resist.

One of the latest legislative proposals from California aims to make government the arbiter of truth.

Senate Bill 1424 would create an advisory group on “fake news” to work with social media companies to weed out what the government deems incorrect information on the internet.

This legislation, if passed, would require California’s attorney general to create the  group, consisting of “social media providers, civil liberties advocates, and First Amendment scholars,” to study and mitigate the problem of spreading false information.

According to CBS Sacramento, even the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a left-leaning nonprofit civil liberties organization, called the legislation “flawed” and “misguided.”

This bill mirrors the trend in Europe, where government commissions to police speech and the news are becoming common.

California, emboldened by a stridently progressive Legislature, is trying to bring these Orwellian fake news panels to the United States.



Bird of Paradise said...

Moonbeam Brown is a Traitor just like with most all liberal democrats he belongs in prison along with Obama Al Gore and both the Clinton's and Mad Madame Maxine(Waters) and the Abolish Ice Dems

Anonymous said...

To the Left the novel 1984 was a blueprint to be followed not a warning about a way to be avoided.