Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Georgia County Votes to Keep Confederate Battle Flag Flying

A rare victory for Southerners who wish to honor the brave men among their forebears
"A Georgia county’s board of commissioners has voted to keep the Confederate flag flying at the local courthouse, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

While the Dixie battle cross was removed from the state flag in 2003, it has continued to fly at the Dodge County courthouse in Eastman, Ga., as part of a memorial to Confederate war dead.

The NAACP chapter in Eastman, which is 50 miles southeast of Macon, says the flag was to fly only once a year, but it has stayed at the courthouse despite the civil rights group’s complaints.

On Monday, the board met in a closed session and decided, in a vote taken at their public meeting afterward, to keep the flag up 365 days a year.

According to the paper, Howell cited a state law that he said prohibits the commissioners from removing appropriate items from publicly owned memorials.



Anonymous said...

About time someone stood up. I'm sure the BLACKS will start rioting in the street like MUSLIMS. Stormewaters

NY yankee said...

This story has renewed my faith in the South, which has, for far too long, bent over for the NAACP and it's racist demands.

Lest we forget, that flag represents the hundreds-of-thousands of brave Americans who fought and died for what they believed in, whether you agree with it or not. That a handful of racist whiners should be allowed to tarnish that is a national disgrace. Maybe now the South will rise again.

Anonymous said...


Erroneously maligned as choosing the lesser of two evils, it is, in reality a choice between the Demoncrats' unrelenting Marxism or the feckless Republitards' quivering ineptitude.

Anonymous said...


A rare victory for Southerners who wish to honor the traitors among their forebears

Spurwing Plover said...

Its about time someone told the liberal NAACP to GET A LIFE and quit trying to force themselves upon the whole state just becuase some ultra-sensitive nambdy-pambdy sissypods think it offends their sensitive litle feelings

Anonymous said...

"A rare victory for Southerners who wish to honor the traitors among their forebears"

---Traitors? It was Abe Lincoln who was the traitor. How come you Lincoln lovers don't mention that dishonest Abe put people in jail FOR FREE SPEECH? Why not mention the imprisonment WITHOUT TRIAL of Maryland legislators who wanted to vote for secession?

The south fought with honor, we could have invaded DC and burn it to the ground, instead, we decided to protect our borders. Our goal was states' rights, not occupation.

So I'm proud the CSA flag still flies in Georgia, and to the NAACP race baiters, let me remind you that it was the US flag which flew from slave ships, good luck getting that one banned.

Anonymous said...

"Traitors? It was Abe Lincoln who was the traitor. "

LOL. Greg, you sure are one delusional piece of work. LOL

Kee Bird said...

Dont forget the DUKES OF HAZARD car the GENRAL LEE not only has the confederate flag painted on its top but the horned played dixie as well