Monday, April 11, 2011

Australia: Must not describe a rough suburb accurately

We read:
"Media personality Deborah Hutton [above] has copped the ire of western Sydney residents for calling one of its suburbs "a terrible place".

Hutton spoke at an urban development conference in Adelaide last week, where she met Blacktown's mayor, Alan Pendleton, who said he had approached Hutton and praised her for her professionalism.

"It was suggested to her that she should get an 'I Love Blacktown' T-shirt, and she said it would be all right if it was for Blacktown in Adelaide, but not Blacktown in Sydney because it was a terrible place," the mayor recalled.



Anonymous said...

Reality sucks. The mayor is a total idiot, his suburb is basically a slum area.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Mayor,

Slum = Terrible place

sig said...

Is there a "Whitetown"? Sounds a bit racist to me.

Anonymous said...

From the source it sounds as though the comments were between the mayor and Hutton and not in front of an audience. If this is true, the people complaining are causing the disrepute by drawing attention to it. As usual, the complainers are causing more harm by drawing attention to some off the cuff comments.