Thursday, December 12, 2019

UK: Channel 4 smear Boris Johnson with fake racist subtitles in new bias row: Broadcaster apologises for incorrect text that claimed PM said 'people of colour' while discussing immigration - when he actually said TALENT

Channel 4 has been slammed for wrongly captioning a video of Boris Johnson with subtitles referring to the race of immigrants.

Mr Johnson made a speech yesterday in which he said new immigration controls would ensure 'people of talent' still come to Britain.

But in Channel 4's subtitles of the speech, the phrase was changed to become 'people of colour', with the video then being shared widely online by people insisting the wrongly-reported comments were racist.

The channel today apologised for the mistake, saying: 'Boris Johnson says 'people of talent' not 'people of colour'. Our earlier tweet was a mistake. We misheard and we apologise.'

A senior Tory source said: 'This shows why it has been impossible to co-operate with Channel 4 News, they are campaigners in this election - inventing the most damaging things possible to further their campaign against Brexit.

'This sort of thing is why so many media organisations have collapsing audiences. We sadly do not expect the senior management at Channel 4 to take this terrible mistake seriously and we expect more of the same.'

Mr Johnson's actual words at an election campaign event in Derbyshire were: 'We'll be able to do all sorts of things differently and better including controlling our immigration system for the first time in decades and that would be a good thing.

'I'm in favour of having people of talent come to this country but I think we should have it democratically controlled.'

The wrongly reported comments were seized upon by his opponents, who claimed what he said was racist.

Conservative sources later threatened that Channel 4's public service broadcasting obligations would be reviewed if they win the election.


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