Thursday, December 26, 2019

Greenie downplays the Holocaust

The LSESU Debate Society have withdrawn their invitation to a Fabian Series debate from Roger Hallam, ex-KCL PhD student and co-founder of the environmental organisation Extinction Rebellion.

Last Wednesday Hallam was quoted in an interview in Der Spiegel calling the Holocaust “almost a normal event…just another fuckery in human history”.

Hallam was set to speak in the Centre Building on 5 December. He has been replaced with Dr Emily Grossman, Jewish science communicator and XR representative. The motion to be debated at the event is titled: “This House Believes Extinction Rebellion has done more harm than good in the fight against climate change.” Also attending is Green Party MEP Dr Ellie Chowns.

Extinction Rebellion UK is reported to have distanced itself from Hallam as a result. They have stated: “We stand in solidarity with XR Germany, with Jewish communities, and with all those affected by the Holocaust, both in the past and in our times.” What this means for the ‘leadership’ and public face of Extinction Rebellion is uncertain.


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