Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Bette Midler faces a backlash for sharing a snap of three teenage girls looking at their phones in an art gallery - and told she's being 'creepy' for trying to shame them

I am no fan of the vast ego that is Bette Midler but it is a good photo.  It conveys how the new has blotted out a worthy past.  It is good composion, good art

The Hocus Pocus star, 74, shared an image of three girls sitting on a bench in front of Jean-Baptiste Greuze' painting Aegina Visited by Jupiter at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

She wrote: 'What's wrong with this picture?,' seeming to suggest that it was shame the young women were on their phones, rather than engaging with the artworks.

But she was quickly met with the wrath of furious Twitter users, who explained to her the museum has an interactive app to help guide visitors around.

One user wrote: ‘I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the f****** picture, Bette Midler taking a photo for three random, seemingly underaged girls and then making fun of them on Twitter, almost definitely without permission from any of the girls pictured. That’s creepy, Bette.’

One wrote: 'Nothing. I see three young women at a museum, probably looking at the museum app on their phone to read more about the paintings.

A third commented: 'In art galleries I struggle to stay standing due to my disability. So I take breaks, sit, look at my phone. Get my blood pressure back, and then continue to look at art and enjoy myself. F*** you, think before you speak.'

'The teens were on the museum's app, reading about the paintings,' one user wrote, adding that the issue was first debated a few years ago when the photo originally went viral.



Anonymous said...

Politically Correct Liberals are vicious !

ScienceABC123 said...

Bette Midler is right.

"Truth is truth no matter the source." - unknown

Bird of Paradise said...

P.C. Liberals are sore losers their still ranting n about the 2016 election their just a bunch of pathetic little dweebs