Monday, December 16, 2019

Student expelled by law school after posting ‘It’s OK to be white’ flyers

An Oklahoma City University School of Law student was expelled after posting “It’s OK to be white” flyers on campus.

The Oklahoman reported that the student was expelled because he was on suspension and violated the terms of his suspension when, on the night of Oct. 31, he came on campus and posted the flyers on the door and exterior of the law school building.

The Dec. 10 article does not state why the student was already on suspension.

OCU Police Director Bill Citty cited federal privacy as the reason why he is not releasing the name of the student, the newspaper reported, adding police “didn’t find evidence of a crime,” that the student “was found to be non-threatening to campus safety,” and that “he isn’t facing a charge of trespassing.”

Some have questioned whether “It’s OK to be white” falls under free speech, prompting controversy and debate. As The College Fix reported earlier last month, East Tennessee State may be asking for a lawsuit by promising to prosecute its “It’s OK to be white” vandals, as posting offensive flyers in and of itself is “clearly established” as constitutional under longstanding case law.

And writing at Minding the Campus, attorney Hans Bader weighed in on the flyers popping up nationwide, noting administrators “cannot discriminate against these flyers based on their viewpoint by expelling or dismissing people for posting them, when it obviously would never expel or dismiss someone for posting flyers with a different viewpoint the university likes better, such as ‘It’s OK to Be Black.'”

“Even valid school rules, such as against posting flyers in the wrong place, or against littering or harassment, cannot be enforced against someone based on their viewpoint,” Bader wrote.



Stan B said...

That this prompts debate AT A LAW SCHOOL over whether it is "legal" should cause the school to completely re-evaluate itself. Anybody who doesn't understand simple Constitutional Rights in the United States of America has no business being a lawyer.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Schools being run by the leftists its no wonder their doing so badly this is no longer education its Indoctrination its brainwashing by the liberal left this is just another campus that needs to lose its tax papers money

Anonymous said...

Good for the school.

The student was on suspension and had agreed to the terms of the suspension. He then decided that he no longer liked the terms and like a little child decided to violate the terms.

The school was clear that violations would result in expulsion.

The student did not live up to the terms of the agreement. The school did.

This has nothing to do with the flyers or the content of the flyers themselves.

The good news is that the ex-student won't have to pay tuition anymore. More good news is that the legal profession and clients won't have to deal with another liar and someone who thinks that agreements and contracts don't apply to them.

Good riddance to the student.

Bill R. said...

SERIOUSLY? Some have questioned whether “It’s OK to be white” falls under free speech, prompting controversy and debate. It not only falls under free speech, it is a true statement.These are supposed to be college students? They need to be sent back to grade school.

Spurwing Plover the Angry Shorebird said...

Liberals are born to whine