Monday, October 08, 2018

NBC station fires a reporter for wearing a MAGA hat while covering a Trump rally in Minnesota

A reporter for an NBC affiliate station has been fired for wearing a Make America Great Again hat while on the job.

James Bunner was covering a Trump rally in the heart of Minnesota farm country Thursday while sporting the infamous, bright red MAGA hat.

While the president rallied his supporters, the multimedia journalist with KTTC was pictured behind his camera, with the station's microphone in hand and logo on his jacket all while wearing the cap.

The image circulated online and by the next day Bunner was fired because the Minnesota-based station says it does not 'allow our people to wear campaign clothing while on assignment.'

Bunner, who has worked for the station since the end of 2017, is a vocal fan of the president and has displayed his support online. He had previously uploaded a video of himself dancing in a newsroom on Trump's inauguration day to celebrate.



Anonymous said...

NBC has sunk to new lows.

Bird of Paradise said...

Let us go and wring the Peacocks neck its a liar anyway BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT

Anonymous said...

So let's see.....

Reporter signs a contract.....contract has dress policies for on air appearances.....reporter violates said policies.....reporter is fired.

Where is there an issue here?

Anonymous said...

Let's pretend this reporter was a pro football player. The very same libs would be screaming about his 1st amendment rights.

Dean said...

3:47 AM - I agree with you. As I do with Fox News cutting ties with a person who made disparaging comments online about liberals. Contracts and company rules are there to protect the company, not unlimited free speech rights.

On the other hand, I applaud James Bunner's apparel. However IIRC the Fox associates comments, they were quite a way from what might be construed as polite political discourse.

Anonymous said...

So long as the company has a dress code that is known and accepted by its staff, and applies it consistently, no issue here.
However, good point Anon 8:51.