Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Australia: Muslim critic Fraser Anning's public Facebook page removed for reported hate speech...

The Facebook page of One Nation-turned-Katter's Australia Party senator Fraser Anning has been removed, after apparently breaching the platform's community standards.

Fraser Anning tweeted a screenshot showing his Facebook page had been "unpublished", and called it an attack on free speech

Supporters have shared their outrage at the page's removal, arguing Facebook picks on conservative commentators

The page and all its posts appeared to have been removed after one of Senator Anning's posts was reported for hate speech.

The comments in question, which were reported anonymously, were in reference to a speech he made in Parliament on the national Safe Schools program.

One person who reported the posts told the ABC they were similar to tweets the Senator has made where he calls Safe Schools a "degenerate program" for "commo perverts".

Senator Anning described the move by Facebook to unpublish his page as an attack on free speech.

"What we essentially have is a foreign corporation deciding what the Australian people can and cannot hear," he said in a statement, where he described himself as "the latest victim of the Zuck".

"The Australian public will not even be given the choice because Mark Zuckerberg has already made it for you."



Anonymous said...

Facebook is dishonest !

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

FACEBOOK SCHABOOK WHO still trusts these liberal censors deleting everything they feel offends little liberal snowflakes