Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Belgian beer named 'Maori tears' is slammed for being 'culturally offensive'

A brewery has been slammed for its 'poor taste' after labelling a beer 'Maori Tears'. Brussels Beer Project, in Belgium, is the company behind the single malt brew - with only 800 bottles available.

'From New Zealand to Brussels, we encapsulate those tears to capture their sacred nature,' the website says.

But the 'Maori Tears' beverage has upset some New Zealanders who think the name is racist.

Maori are native people of New Zealand, and labelling the beer after their tears is spiritually offensive, Maori rights advocate Karaitiana Taiuru told the New Zealand Herald.

'The term has significant cultural value to Maori people and applies to our ancestors, the living and dead and the future generations.'

'What are Maori tears? Does it symbolise that the brewer takes pride in thinking of Māori who are crying or perhaps stereotyping that Maori are sad and drink to be happy?'

Social media users have also criticised the company for its word choice.

'It is cheap exploitation and makes not even the slightest attempt to reflect Maori culture. It is as tactless as us making a beer here and calling it Kurdish Tears,' one person said.

But some people thought it was an overreaction. 'Sounds like us kiwis are getting a bit soft if this is national news...Grow a pair NZ,' one person said.

'Belgium beer. Yum. I'd still drink it. Only tears because you can't get it here,' another said.


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Bird of Paradise said...

Have a drink ca it Liberal Tears or Snowflake Tears