Sunday, December 24, 2017

'It's a rape song': Woman threatens to pull out of her choir's Christmas concert over performing Baby It's Cold Outside

She must have a dirty mind. I see nothing untoward in it.  It's just a guy trying to talk a woman into staying

A mother sparked an online debate when she questioned whether the song Baby It's Cold Outside was appropriate to sing at a Christmas choir concert.  

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman explained she wanted to pull out of the performance because the lyrics of the song made her feel uncomfortable.

While some users agreed the lyrics could be interpreted as being 'rapey', others said the woman was overreacting. 

Writing on the online forum, the woman explained that she had joined a choir and they had been rehearsing for a Christmas concert.

Recently, the choir had added Baby It's Cold Outside to the set, to be sung by two other performers, but the woman said she 'couldn't sit there through it.' 

She later clarified she didn't want to be there 'because of the lyrics'. 

Some users agreed with her stance. One wrote: 'It's rapey. Take a look at the lyrics'.

Others compared the meaning of the song to similar attitudes surrounding the recent hit 'Blurred Lines'.



Bird of Paradise said...

Since when id baby Its Cold Outside all about Rape? How dumb can this person be? It kind of reminds me of a few years ago when some other Dim-Bulb quit a orgcastra becuase they were doing Peter and the Wolf t his Dumb bell said it would make kids fear and hate Wolves. Liberals are so Dumb their beyond hope of any recovery for their Stupidity

Anonymous said...

I'd guess that many of the people who will complain about Baby It's Cold Outside have also listened to a lot of rap music that is far, far worse and never bothered themselves to be offended by it.

Anonymous said...

Ok,just quit the damn choir, and retreat to your 'safe space' with a cuddly blanky, and never leave the house again. Your existence is offensive to ME.

Dean said...

The lyrics describe a woman who wants to stay and a man who wants her to stay giving excuses for her to stay. No rape involved.

The person objecting is one of those who see sexual assault in every male / female interaction.

Anonymous said...

There are millions of songs like that through history. They are songs about love, attraction and the human condition.

They lady having the tantrum about the lyrics is just one of those humb-up neurotic women who hate life and everything about it. She would be an unhappy soul.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Some people just find the most rediculous things to whine b about there is nothing refering to rape in his song someone is just being paranoid about the whole thing