Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cards Against Humanity maker's new 'Chosen People Pack' is removed from stores amid anti-Semitic backlash over Anne Frank and Holocaust prompts

Retail giant Target has been forced to apologise for carrying a Jewish-themed expansion pack to the popular party game Cards Against Humanity.

The deck contains cards with sentences about the Holocaust, Anne Frank's genitals and the Jewish people intended to be used in the game.

After several complaints on social media, Target has now promised to remove the 'Chosen People' deck of cards from its shops and online store.

The deck of cards is an expansion pack to the original card game, which describes itself as 'a party game for horrible people'.

The point of the game is to choose an answer to a 'fill-in-the-blank' card - the winner of each round is the person who has chosen the most shocking and offensive answer card.

Writer Mike Lieber posted pictures of the Chosen People expansion pack being on sale in a Target store on his Twitter.

He captioned the snaps: 'Available at your local @Target. Despicable beyond.'

Target quickly responded to his tweet by promising to remove the offending expansion pack.


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