Monday, November 21, 2016

Pure Leftist hate

The rant below is remarkable.  It says nothing at great length.  There is no information of substance conveyed. It is presumably meant to be funny for a Leftist audience.  It appeared in a Left-leaning major Australian newspaper.  But underneath the slight veneer of humour, it is pure hate.  The hate  just poured out of the writer -- and kept pouring.  I reproduce the whole thing so people can witness how much hate there is there.  She no doubt feels pleased with herself for writing it but she clearly has "issues", as they say these days. I suspect that underneath an acceptable social facade, she is a generally hostile person -- JR

Jacqueline Maley

Of all the lunacies of the post-fact world, my favourite is the fiction being peddled that "left-wing elites" in the media and elsewhere revealed their horrendous bias by expressing dismay at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

Voicing some discomfort at the prospect of a pussy-grabbing protector-isolationalist becoming leader of the free world does not a left-wing loon make.

Any political candidate who has been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan is leaving a lot of room out there on their left flank. You don't have to be Che Guevara to have inadvertently found yourself sitting in that space, desolate in the knowledge that the best you can do to stop the juggernaut is to un-follow The Donald on Twitter.

But progressive and free-thinking Trump first-responders (and since last week, we are all, from Senegal to Seattle, Trump first-responders) do have a problem with Melania Trump, first lady-elect, the woman ostensibly closest to the man but at the same time strangely incidental to him.

Melania – Slovenian immigrant, mother, and "perfect 10", to use the technical, Trumpian term – is either her husband's greatest victim or his worst enabler.

She is definitely an important source of what the white-coat doctors call "narcissistic supply", but she may also be that woman with a desperate look in her eyes madly trying to blink her way into communicating that she needs to escape this nightmare way more than we do.

Feminists are at a loss as to how to deal with Melania because it's generally uncool to mock blameless wives and mothers, and yet, this is a woman whose entire life appears predicated on the fact that she is hot. Which is not what Mary Wollstonecraft et al fought in the trenches for.

How do we solve a problem like Melania?

Images of Trump frankly spying on his wife as she cast her vote on November 8 were telling. Did he expect her to vote Democrat? Since winning the vote, otherwise disempowered women have used the privacy of the ballot box as a way to rebel secretly against their husbands, but poor Melania was not afforded this inalienable right.

Perhaps she wanted to put a nice big tick in the Hillary box but was forced to divert at the last minute when she felt her husband's reptilian eyes boring into her back.

Funnily enough, the next day the entire world woke up with that same feeling.

Feminists are at a loss as to how to deal with first lady Melania Trump. The little we do know about Melania has been communicated by mostly her husband. He began lobbying for her back in 2000 when she was his new girlfriend and he pestered the then editor of GQ, Dylan Jones, to feature her nude in his magazine.

More recently, Melania was the subject of a GQ profile that revealed she had a secret half-brother in Slovenia but told us precisely nothing about the kind of person she is. She spoke in cliches and revealed nothing of herself except for the fact that she sticks to her "role" and would never ask her husband to change a nappy or put their son to bed.

Trump says Melania will make an "unbelievable first lady".

The very title of "first lady" is bold confirmation of what many workplaces, and (dare I say it),  society as a whole, have been slow to acknowledge – that men holding down serious jobs can do them properly only if they have a woman behind the scenes sponging up the detritus of daily life.

In the case of an average account manager, or a business owner, that means your wife pays the internet bill and makes sure the children's hair is sufficiently crazy for the school's annual "Crazy Hair Day" (or as it's known to one of my circle, "F---ing Crazy Hair Day").

Presidential wives probably have staff to take care of Crazy Hair Day, but they would have many other irritating and time-consuming help-meet tasks, like scheduling the secret service detail around school assembly, and arranging state dinner seating plans to minimise awkwardness between guests experiencing diplomatic conflict.

In Melania's case, seating arrangements will be further complicated by the fact that her husband is on record as being very gropey. Angela Merkel or Teresa May will want to watch their legs sub-table, particularly given Trump would probably deny any groping not on the facts, but on the justification that neither leader is a "10" so why would he bother?

First ladies are permitted, of course, to take up a few of their own causes, and Melania has said she will focus on the scourge of online bullying, prompting many to wonder aloud whether she had glanced at her own husband's Twitter account recently.

In the post-truth world it would not be surprising if Melania decides next week to take up the banner for victims of sexual assault, or become patron of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

People will call her a hypocrite but perhaps, underneath the Barbie-doll bust and the mask-like features, she is trolling her husband in open cover.

It's the only place she has to hide.



Anonymous said...

Filled with hate, lies, and nonsense.

Dean said...

There is one of the most blatant demonstrations of envy and militant feminism yet.

Her statement asking ". . . how to deal with Melania . . ." and subsequent statements are telling. Just how are they to deal with a woman who is, to a good many people, attractive and poised, who has followed a course in life of which feminists don't approve?

That is the crux of her entire diatribe. She is really expressing her distress at another making choices with which she disagrees. She is actually saying, "Live as my group does or feel our wrath."

Bird of Paradise said...

The news media are pretty much leftits liars who fabricate the news and always favor the demac-RATS in every election and support liberal laws and legislation

Anonymous said...

All that and not a single word about the simple fact that electing Hillary would have put a KNOWN RAPIST and his enabler into the White House instead.

They totally ignore Bill's multiple rapes and Hillary's obvious part in denouncing the victims while making a big fuss about one tape where Trump spoke badly and then wonder why we call them hypocrites.

One other huge difference, Trump has apologized while Hillary and Bill are still denying the accusations even though they've already paid out some big money in some lawsuits over those accusations.

ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N said...

If she's done hacking away at Trump she'll denigrate his wife, all the while appearing supportive - in her eyes anyway.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

You mettle with a witch and you get turned into a toadiefrog

Anonymous said...

A definite left wing feminazi hissy fit. To call herself a free thinker is a joke, an absolute joke. She is just another Clinton groupie believing Hillary's ascendency to the presidency was a natural birth rite. What a load of self indulgent leftist clap trap. If the Democrats could they would legislate that only card carrying hard core Dem's would be allowed to vote because everyone else is to stupid, a theme which they continue to pursue. Hillary lost because her supports and her celebrity endorse are actually the stupid ones who fail to live in the real world along with their media enablers. As you sow so do you reap and naturally the Dems had a very poor harvest this year and deservedly so.

Stymphalian Bird the man eating bird witha brass beak and shoots his feathers said...

Clinton groupies are like pre-porogramed robots like the Eloi from George Pals movie THE TIME MACHINE and like Zombies of like puppets someone else is pulling the strings

Anonymous said...

An obvious baiting attempt to get Trump to react because he is very supportive of his family. Melania beat out many other women to become the wife of a rich and powerful man and could divorce him tomorrow and still be wealthier and more respected than her detractors, ask Ivana. The hate from the left against anyone they perceive is in the way of their plans for world domination is incredible. What galls them most is Trump beat them at their own game, winning the electoral college while losing the popular vote which has devastated the left cost of the USA showing how superfluous they really are.


Firebird said...

I see where the leftists catterwallers from GREEN DAY is as usial being abunch of nincompoops and total idiots