Friday, November 04, 2016

Can you be racist about DEATH? Reveller was banned from a student Halloween party because his 'Grim Reaper' black face paint might have caused racial offence

A reveller who painted his face black as part of a 'Grim Reaper' fancy dress outfit says he was left humiliated after being barred from a university party in case he caused racial offence.

Ryan Lytwyn, 22, wore a creepy cloak and smeared his face black to emphasise his ghoulish white and red eyes.

But when he reached the door of the Edinburgh University Student Union Halloween event he was immediately turned away.

He fell foul of strict Union rules on fancy dress, which include a ban on dressing up as Mexicans, gangsters, mental health patients and 'camp men'.

Ryan, who graduated with a degree in politics from the university earlier this year, said: 'Everyone thinks it's ridiculous. I felt like I was accused of blacking up which in itself is offensive to me. It's also quite bizarre to compare the Grim Reaper to that as well.

'I asked them if my makeup had caused offence and the manager answered no, but that some might find it offensive.

'I asked them if anyone had complained and they said no one had complained but that they might complain.

'They told me I had to leave unless I removed the makeup. To be singled out in the queue was embarrassing.'



Anonymous said...

Political Correctness is getting more and more ridiculous all the time.

Bird of Paradise said...

P.C. nonsense its getting so darn stupid with these whining little snowflakes who wants stupid codes to control how we think,live,behave and go out on halloween of the day of the dead. There should be a special day for whining little snowflakes THE DAY OF THE BRAINDEAD

Anonymous said...

So the police should be arresting couples because the "might" rape each other? The "reasonable person" concept has been a legal tenant for centuries but is now thrown out the window. At least for now in the USA you have to prove harm or be prepared for court as many universities are finding out. Obama and Lying Hillary want to make non progressive speech against the law so you know which way I vote.


stinky said...

This is exactly as intended. Everyone knows it's wrong but they do it anyway. Obedience achieved.

Anonymous said...

latin graffiti at univeresity investigated as hate crime

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Thanksgivings coming up the time when liberals whine,whine,whine

Anonymous said...

The article seemed to suggest he was banned because blackface is banned.
So - how was this blackface. He wasn't pretending to be negro in any fashion.
That said - he was pretty stupid. The Grim Reaper should carry a scythe and have a skeleton face.

Anonymous said...

Legend has it that hidden under the grim reaper or angel of death's dark hood and veil is the loving face of the angel of mercy, the severer of silver cords, the reliever of bodily suffering.