Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Must not imitate black entertainers

Amy Schumer is brushing off critics who say her parody of Beyonce's "Formation" video is racially insensitive.

The video features a sweaty Schumer dancing to the song alongside Goldie Hawn, Wanda Sykes and Joan Cusack. Some Twitter users are slamming the video on charges of cultural appropriation.

Beyonce's version of the clip showed the singer sitting atop a New Orleans police car sinking in floodwaters. It also includes images of a hooded black child facing police and graffiti scrawled on a wall that reads "Stop Shooting Us."

Schumer's YouTube video has three times as many negative votes as positive recommendations.

One commenter wrote on the video, "Racist... culturally appropriating other people's creations... you steal a song specifically representing empowerment of marginalized black women & mock the song? You are literally what's wrong with society. You should be ashamed of yourself. So disgusting."

Another added, "wow. just wow. racist much?"



Anonymous said...

empowerment of marginalized black women

Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, a left wing loon caught up in a left wing standard. Does this mean I'm no longer allowed to eat Korean or Mexican food since I'm neither Korean or Mexican?

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals so two faced about everything and they cross the street and a big 18 wheeler is heading right for them