Thursday, November 10, 2016

Australian TV host caught saying Trump was 'staring at wife Melania's t**s' and his supporters 'need an IQ test' when she thought she was off-air

If she was right I am pleased that Trump still likes staring at his wife's tits.  They're undoubtedly good tits but he has seen them before

Television presenter Virginia Trioli has been caught live on air saying Donald Trump supporters should be forced to take an 'IQ test' and claiming he was staring at his wife's 't**s' as he went to vote.

The ABC Breakfast host was covering the US election at 10am on Wednesday and assumed the feed had crossed to an advertisement when she had an 'honest' chat with her team, according to The New Daily.

Pictures of presidential candidate Donald Trump staring at his wife's ballot paper as she cast her vote in Manhattan went viral on Wednesday, but Trioli accidentally told viewers he was more likely 'looking at Melania's t**s'.

The ABC's Media Manager, Sally Jackson, said they would not be commenting on the gaffe as 'there was nothing to add to what's been said at this point'.

Other viewers agreed with her comments, saying it was the journalist's 'best work'.



Anonymous said...

Trioli is a leftist ABC moron and a good example of why Australia would do a Trump given the chance. I am sick and tired of the political bias of the national broadcaster. Balance their ABC or shut it down. We don't need a politically leftist public media outlet in the information age. Shutting down the ABC and SBS would save Australian tax payers around $1.5 billion per year at time when we need to cut back public expenditure and restore a surplus budget (fantasy) to continue to provide middle class welfare and run our country into the ground. We need a Donald Trump in Australia but our political system doesn't support that. We need to take back our society from the social engineers and make Australia profitable again. It will start with small business and continue if we can sideline union corruption, political self interest and actually create a government for the people not the multinationals, banks, petrol companies and other leaches.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

The newspapers and the talking heads are about the same LIES,LIES,LIES and more damn LIES

Anonymous said...

Simple case of envy, Melania is married to a more powerful public figure and has better looks and is more intelligent. Trioli wishes someone would look at her so she transfers that to Trump.


Anonymous said...

The real problem here is that there would have been calls for a public crucifixion if she had said it about almost anyone else.
The hypocrisy of some people and institutions is truly breathtaking.

Stymphalian Bird the man eating bird witha brass beak and shoots his feathers said...

Like most all liberal run media their leftists propegandists who lie to the public 24/7

Anonymous said...

You are all minions of the third Antichrist. I will pray for your souls.

Flu-Bird said...

Anon5:34 pray for the souls of misguided liberals their heading for hell if they dont turn back