Friday, July 06, 2012

The Muslim teenager who 'insulted six dead soldiers on Facebook' appears in British court charged with 'gross offense'

He'd probably be within the law in the USA but Britain is different.  In this case I don't think I'm too cut up about it though.  Why does Britain let these charmers into their country?

A teenager appeared in court yesterday charged with making offensive comments on Facebook about the deaths of six British soldiers.

Azhar Ahmed, 19, has been accused of committing an offence under the Communications Act of sending a ‘grossly offensive’ message.

At an earlier he pleaded not guilty to the charge and was due to stand trial at Huddersfield Magistrates Court yesterday.

Ahmed is alleged to have posted the insulting Facebook message on his profile page on 8 March - two days after the soldiers were killed in an explosion in Afghanistan.

Ahmed walked into court wearing a cap and with a white woollen hoodie pulled up over this head.

The District Judge heard no evidence and adjourned the trial until 14 September due to an unexpected legal problem.  Ahmed, of Ravensthorpe, West Yorkshire, was released on bail.

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Anonymous said...

In Amerika, he would have a dozen lawyers defending him, who would then go on to sue the dead soldiers and their families. And, it would all be paid for by the tax-paying sheeple.

In fact, he should be tried by the laws of Islam, meaning, he should be beheaded.

Bird of Paradise said...

Deport him to the middle of the gobi desert for life

Anonymous said...

The man is obviously an odious little worm whom I wouldn't p**s on if he was on fire, but we can't pick and choose only the free speech that we like.

Anonymous said...

Going to the original UK story, at the end of the article it says, "Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons."

So, it must be against the law to comment.

Anonymous said...

3:48, yes the UK is under very oppressive laws regarding the freedom of expression. too bad.

stinky said...

Inevitably those who believe in a right to public free speech are forced to defend odious toads and trolls, and we might as well get used to it. It can't change who they are, but it can preserve who we are.

Anonymous said...

he should be able to express himself, but why is he living in Britain? why not a Muslim country?

Anonymous said...

1:13, Britain IS a Muslim country.

Anonymous said...

Actually Anon 3:48 it is very common to limit comments on matters that are still before the Courts.
It is also common to limit comments on stories that might bring out the loony fringe.
I think both restrictions apply here.

Anonymous said...

In view of his age he was probably born in the UK and a UK citizen by birth, so cannot be deported anywhere.

Anonymous said...

He's just lashing out at the world because of his ugly face!