Monday, July 23, 2012

Australia:  Refugees must not be seen as sexy

Zoo Weekly magazine will issue a public apology in its next edition after its controversial call to find the "hottest asylum seeker".  The magazine's editor, Tim Keen, has confirmed in an email to an opponent of the two-page spread, Matt Darvas, that the magazine would apologise.

"We will explain that the reason for the apology is that we regret any offence caused to any of our readers, and to any asylum seeker or refugee who was offended, along with their families and supporters," Mr Keen wrote this afternoon.

Over a two-page spread, the magazine's July 16 edition read: "We're looking for Oz's hottest asylum seeker, so if you've swapped persecution for sexiness, we want to shoot you (with a camera - relax!)".

A petition on, set up by Mr Darvas, has called for Zoo Weekly to apologise for "exploiting asylum seekers", attracting more than 5000 signatures since yesterday morning.



Anonymous said...

So something that might have lead to a modeling career or fame, a chance to escape poverty is nixed. I guess the girls can always become whores. Are these change people offering alternative opportunities or are they outraged for the reason of being outraged.

Anonymous said...

you must think our way or else. liberal fascism.

Anonymous said...

Ok, stupid and offensive - maybe. But we are talking about Zoo Weekly, a lads mag, not the Wall Street Journal for goodness sake.
And how exactly are the refugees being exploited? Would you say the same about the magazine's other models such as Lauren Mark (the current cover model and Australian Olypic shooter)?